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Bronze Stars

Scouts can earn bronze stars for demonstrating proficiency in scouting skills.

How to enter the program

Tie all six essential knots and state their uses and limitations.

  • Bowline
  • Clove Hitch
  • Sheet Bend
  • Square Knot
  • Taut-line Hitch
  • Two Half Hitches


To earn bronze star #1

Tie all six essential knots plus an additional three knots from the list below.

  • Timber Hitch
  • Double Sheet bend
  • Quick Release Sheet Bend
  • Sheepshank 
  • Round Turn & Two Half Hitches
  • Fisherman's knot
  • Slippery Sheet Bend
  • Bowline on a bight
  • Surgeon's knot


To earn bronze star #2

Demonstrate that you know the five basic lashings.

  • Diagonal Lashing
  • Round Lashing
  • Shear Lashing
  • Square Lashing
  • Tripod Lashing


To earn bronze star #3

Perform the following (HINT: look at the information on this website under "More Skills")

  1. Complete the Three-leg Compass Walk.
  2. Name the 7 parts of a compass from memory.
  3. Demonstrate how to follow a bearing when you are given a bearing.
  4. Demonstrate how to get a bearing on an object that you can see.
  5. Demonstrate how to orient a map.
  6. Demonstrate how to travel between two points on a map using a compass.