Patrol Games

PATROL GAMES – LARGE AREA (click on this title to take you to all activity details)

BALLOON BOUNCE  (wide, in or out)
BUCKET BRIGADE  (wide, out)
FIRE BUCKET RELAY  (wide, out)
HIT THE CAN  (wide, in or out)    View Video
HULA HOOP HORSESHOES  (wide, in or out)     View Video
HUNT THE CANDY  (wide, in)
INTERPATROL TUG OF WAR  (wide, in or out)
LOG ROLLING RELAY  (wide, out)
NITRO TRANSPORT  (wide, out)
OBSTACLE RACE  (wide, in or out)
POCKET ROPE COMPETITION  (wide, in or out)
SHOE HUNT  (wide, in or out)
SPIES IN THE WOODS  (wide, out)
STANDING JUMP RELAY  (wide, in or out)    View Video
TIRE ROLL RELAY  (wide, in or out)
WHEELBARROW RELAY  (wide, in or out)

PATROL GAMES – SMALL SPACE (click on this title to take you to all activity details)

BLOW BALL  (small, in)
CAN IT!  (small, in or out)    View Video
FIRST AID SCENARIOS (small, in or out)
FOUR SQUARE  (small, in or out)
HUNKER DOWN  (small, in or out)    View Video
HUNTER, GUN, OR RABBIT  (small, in or out)
IDENTIFYING SOUNDS  (small, in)    View Video
KIM’S GAME  (small, in or out)
KIM’S GAME – UP AND DOWN   (small, in or out)
LIFE’S LITTLE LISTS  (small, in)
MAP SYMBOL KIM’S GAME  (small, in)
NAIL DRIVING RELAY  (small, in or out)
NAME THAT FISH  (small, in)
OVER-UNDER RELAY  (small, in or out)
PASS THE CAN  (small, in or out)
SILENT SIGNALS  (small, in or out)
SKY HIGH  (small, in)
STEPPING STONES  (small, in or out)
TRAIL SIGNS  (small, in)
WALL STREET  (small, in)    View Video
WHAT HAPPENED?  (small, out)