Team Building Activities

TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES (click on this title to take you to all activity details)
ALL ABOARD  (small, in or out)    View Video
AMOEBA WALK  (wide, in or out)
BLIND SQUARE  (wide, in or out)
BLIND TENT PITCH  (wide, out)
BLIND TRAIN  (wide, in or out)     View Video
COAL MINE MAZE  (wide, in or out)
HANDICAP OBSTACLE COURSE  (wide, in or out)     View Video
HELIUM STICK  (small, in or out)    View Video
HI-LO  (small, in or out)
HOT ISOTOPE TRANSPORT  (wide, out)    View Video
ISLAND HOPPING  (wide, in or out)
MOON BALL  (wide, in or out)
NIGHT CROSSING  (wide, in or out)
NITRO TRANSPORT  (wide, out)
SKY HIGH  (small, in)
STEPPING STONES  (wide, in or out)
ZULU TOSS  (small, in or out)    View Video