First to Life

After a Scout has earned the First Class rank, he enters the First to Life program. This is where the Scout can really set his goal on reaching the rank of Eagle. The Scout takes on the commitment of carrying out positions of leadership within the troop and begins to take more seriously the requirement to complete merit badges.

Boy leadership is essential in Troop 44 and Scouts who are in the First To Life program are looked upon to take leadership positions. Taking a leadership position and giving it his best allows the Scout to demonstrate to the Scoutmaster that they are willing to learn what it takes to be a leader. Since leadership is a rank requirement for Scouts in the First To Life program, it should be taken very seriously.

When a Scout accepts a leadership role, he is agreeing to a list of responsibilities for carrying out that role. The Scoutmaster will provide feedback, usually with the Start-Stop-Continue method, so that the Scout is informed of how he is doing and what he needs to do differently to improve on his leadership skills. If a Scout in the First To Life program is unsure if they are performing his leadership requirements adequately for rank advancement, he should speak with the Scoutmaster. If a Scout in the First To Life program is not performing his leadership requirements because he wishes not to or does not have the time, the Scoutmaster will ask him to give up the leadership position.