Bronze Stars

Scouts can earn bronze stars for demonstrating proficiency in scouting skills.

How to enter the program

Demonstrate that you can tie all six essential knots. (Click on the name below to see instructional video)

To earn bronze star #1

Tie all six essential knots above plus an additional three knots from the list below.

  • Timber Hitch
  • Double Sheet bend
  • Quick Release Sheet Bend
  • Sheepshank
  • Round Turn & Two Half Hitches
  • Fisherman's knot
  • Slippery Sheet Bend
  • Bowline on a bight
  • Surgeon's knot

To earn bronze star #2

Demonstrate how to tie the five basic lashings.

To earn bronze star #3

Demonstrate your knowledge of using a compass by doing all of the following

(HINT: look at the information on this website under "More Skills")

  1. Name the parts of a compass.
  2. Demonstrate how to follow a bearing that you are given.
  3. Demonstrate how to get a bearing on an object that you can see.
  4. Demonstrate how to orient a map.
  5. Demonstrate how to use a compass with a map.
  6. Complete the Three-leg Compass Walk.