Duty to God

You belong to an organization that maintains that no member can grow into the best kind of citizen without recognizing his obligation to God. This belief has been with Scouting since the beginning and has stood the test of time.

You declare your Duty to God when reciting the Scout Oath. To further emphasize that importance you affirm that belief in the 12th point of the Scout Law: ‘a Scout is reverent.’ The recognition of God and the grateful acknowledgement of his blessings are wholesome principles that are kept before you at all times and help shape a life of virtue and self-reliance.

We in Scouting recognize that there is an essential connection between the recognition of God, character building, and good citizenship. You get taught about religious principles first and foremost in your home by your parents. You are also taught within the organizations you are connected with such as the Church. It is in the wisdom of these teachings that you direct your citizenship involvement in a way that offers selfless service to your neighbor. When you do all you can for your family and community, you are serving your country by making the most of your opportunities and helping to shape our nation’s future.

In Scouting, you are provided with an opportunity to self-reflect on your Duty to God as part of the Scout Spirit requirement for rank advancement. The Scoutmaster will listen as you tell how you have done your Duty to God. The inclusion of this advancement requirement highlights the importance on the recognition of, and obligation to, God.