How To Plan A Troop Meeting

Download the PLC Meeting Plan Template from this website and bring it to the PLC meeting.

Fill out the form using the descriptions below as a guide.

Opening activity - Plan a fun activity for the scouts to do as they arrive to a troop meeting.

Opening Ceremony - The opening ceremony is usually the same. If anything different is desired other than the regular opening ceremony, put that here.

Group Instruction - The group instruction is a presentation for a merit badge or a demonstration of a skill that’s of interest to the entire troop. The group instruction can be short or it can be scheduled to take up the entire time including the time for the next part of the meeting.

Skills Instruction - Skills instruction follow the group discussion and are usually hands-on. For example, if a group discussion is teaching map and compass, the skills instruction might be to go outside and practice the skill.

Patrol sessions - Patrol sessions gives the Patrol leaders time to plan and get organized. Most often a patrol session is used to plan their involvement in a troop activity coming up, plan their menu for a campout, or ,work out any other details for the smooth operation of the patrol.

Game - This part of the meeting is a chance for scouts to have some good fun. Games can be regular games like "Steal the Bacon" or a skills challenge. Games change the pace of the meeting and allow Scouts to let off a little energy.